Anna Mazon Master Classes

We are thrilled to be welcoming Anna Mazon in May 2019 to delivery 2 of her fabulous workshops here in our intimate very friendly and creative studio. The class sizes will be small allowing an enviable ratio of teacher to student so lots of access to Anna, only 4 – 5 students per workshop. This is a not to be missed opportunity for Anna to be able to pass on her wonderful techniques really making great use of this fantastic Art Clay Silver.
Climbing Roses

A 2 day workshop featuring really unusual, elongated beadcap construction, adorned with beautiful, fully handmade, climbing flowers, interlacing coils and other small ornaments. Interesting construction techniques, making long hollow tubes without using extruder, working with coils wet and dry (various approaches) – this is what this workshop is about. Pieces created during this class may look in many different ways – you don't have to make climbing roses (though we will be focusing on this). For those interested I will show you for example how to make beautiful morning glories. We will also be making a matching, flowery bail for your pendant. As usual in Anna’s classes - using the same set of techniques everyone can create something slightly different. 

The price for this amazing 2 day workshop £350.00 

Fantasy Eyes:

A three day workshop packed with lots of different techniques, featuring an eye motif (hollow from the back), various, sculptural ornaments which create a narrative context for the eye and a bezel set stone (the shape of the stone is your choice).
The eye can be made into a dragon eye, as pictured, but also an eye of the ocean etc. - depending on your preference when comes to additional ornaments. Wonderful textures, interesting shapes, lots of tricks for creating secure openwork constructions in metal clay, semi hollow forms and working with wet coils - this is what this workshop is about. Every student will leave the workshop with their own, different “Fantasy eye”. 

The cost for this amazing 3 day workshop £510.00